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    Did you know that a good site can actually help you GROW your business and generate more INCOME?! Salon websites used to be just for informational purposes, but now, they need to be SO much more than that. In this digital age, it's usually the first (and easiest) point of reference a potential guest has. In the vast sea that is the internet, we aim to make yours stand out from the crowd!


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    It's time to bring your website back from the dead. Resurrect it. Let it breath new life and rise from the ashes! That's what the phoenix represents in Oshun Phoenix, bringing new life to an old tired site. It's time for your website to go from outdated and purely informational to a money making aspect of your business.

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    We Know the Industry

    Sometimes it's hard to convey your business needs to others who aren't 'in the biz', but no need to worry, we've been there and we get it! Our founder, Kelly, has been a salon owner for over 10 years herself!

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